Bit of a rant about ACen and Yuri panels

kotone kiss

Ok, so I didn’t plan on going to the Yuri panels at ACen this year due to having my daughter with me, stuffs not quite appropriate for a 4 year old. Had I found someone to watch her Saturday night I would have waited patiently for the panel time to come up and attended. I follow the Lily Girls facebook page and found out that ACen cancelled their panel last night without any proper reason whatsoever! This is uncalled for! They let the BL and Yaoi panels run just fine and everything. But Yuri, nope, they can get rid of that without a second glance.



Yuri deserves as much attention as Yaoi.  Why the hell is Yaoi so much more accepted than Yuri anyways? Is it because of the amount of Hentai out there?  If people opened their damn eyes there is a lot of cute and fluffy Yuri anime out there.  There’s so much that people don’t realize there is especially when all they think of when it comes to Yuri is Hentai. *Grabs a stick and hits anyone who thinks that way with it*  I’ve now been left with a bitter taste for the Yaoi community because of this.

Go look up Yuri manga and anime titles that aren’t hentai and watch them.  There’s a lot out there.  I haven’t seen it all but I’ve made it my goal to do so.  If you have a comment, post it or find my facebook link in the about me section and message me.


I LOVE YURI! And there is no one who will make me change my stance on this!




Ms. Silver Fox does!




Hello everyone! I know I don’t post much, but been pretty busy.

I am starting to air video game streams on Nothing spectacular right now. Some Hatsune Miku project Diva F in hard and extreme modes and I’m going to be doing Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. I’m doing these streams in attempts to garner support for my teams efforts in the Extra Life Charity. It’s a charity where you play video games to get donations! Anyways, shameless plug for my channel.

If you’d like you can add me on facebook to discover when i’ll be streaming live. Most of the times it’s evenings in Central Standard Time U.S.

The video quality is not the best but you can still see and hear the games decently.

Black Bullet Ep1 & 2 review

Black Bullet is an interesting anime. It’s a few years in the future and these creatures called Gastrea are attacking Earth, or Tokyo, I can’t tell which at this time but i’m assuming it’s the world. These creatures can infect people and turn them into a similar Gastrea as to what they are. Now, somehow pregnant women can get infected by some ash or virus that is in the air and this virus turns their unborn child into a girl with special abilities. These girls are known as Cursed Children and are kept separate from the general population. The key way to discriminate them is their eyes which turn red when their emotions run high.


These Cursed Children are the only means for mankind to fight Gastrea. From what I’ve gathered from the two episodes that are out most of the girls are referred to as tools. Rentaro, our male lead, takes offense to this when his Initiator, Enju, is referred to in such a manner. He thinks of her as a little girl, not a thing.



Here’s our hero, Rentaro.  He and Enju live together since she’s his Initiator and he’s a Civil Officer.  Cursed Children can only live with the “regular” humans if they are contracted with a Civil Officer.



Here’s Enju.  The cute and superpowered Loli.  She’s 12 I believe since she’s in middleschool.  Her main power is in her legs.  You’ll find out more about this in the 2nd episode.  I’m just trying to give basic info and not many spoilers.

Next we have Kisara Tendo. She runs the agency Rentaro and Enju work for.  It’s small and they’re pretty much broke, but they’re working on it.



Here we have a lovely doctor who prefers dead bodies to real people.  She’s an odd one.  Only see her a small bit in the first episode so far but I like her, and she’s sexy.



Lastly we have Psycho Loli, Kohina is her name but I’ll refer to her as Psycho Loli for the duration. and her Papa. She’s crazy yet cute and has a thirst for death and blood.  Her father is the main villain it seems.



And to end it, Power to the Lolis!  This season of anime is chock full of them and they’re great!  I’m not a die hard loli fan but when they can be all combinations of cute and crazy, I can’t help it.


First 2 Spring anime I’ll be watching this season.






Slight spoiler on one of the characters for the first episode only, need to bring her up.wix


Selector Infected Wixoss

I figured I was going to be watching this one through before seeing the first episode.  It appears light and fluffy, if you don’t pay attention to the OP.  Seriously, if you think it’s light and fluffy after watching the OP you need your head checked.  Now Ruko is pretty much a normal girl but she has no friends.  Her brother tries to be helpful and gives her a deck of Wixoss cards to help her “get in” with the other girls in her school.  When she opens the deck she discovers she can hear her main card talking and see her moving.  She names the girl Tama, who is absolutely cute!



Now Tama is the “incredibly powerful for a newbie” twist.  While Ruko doesn’t realize this her first opponent does but chooses not to tell her about Tama’s mysterious strength.  This is going to be one of those “good intentions gone bad” anime.  I know there will be a scene or three where I may shed a tear for a character because I can’t help but really like certain ones.

This will be one big anime this season and if you think this may be for anyone under 10 years of age, you may be wrong.  I wouldn’t recommend watching this with any young ones as it may provoke nightmares.

The second anime of my Spring season is Blade & Soul.  I got bored yesterday and wanted to watch something before bed so I looked to see if another spring anime had aired.  This one did.  I did no prior research to it so I had no idea it was made by NCSoft.  This company makes some beautiful video games that lack large appreciation in the Western areas.  When this one hits our shores here I’ll be purchasing it for sure.



The main protagonist is female, a plus for me.  The main focus is female characters.  Seems like males take a sidestep in favor of this, another plus.  I think the art is great but the quality from the uploaders doesn’t allow you to view it at its best.  No romance can be sensed as of the first episode but the combat is awesome.  The bad guys have flashy outfits that look hot.  There’s fanservice but I don’t feel as if it’s totally shoved down anyones throat.  People are complaining about it and I’d like to point you to go look up images from the games characters.  They’re just as scantily clad as the girls in the anime.  I’m looking forward to more of this anime as well.

My short review on Kill La Kill

KLK    I’m going to keep it short and sweet so I don’t expose any major spoilers.  This anime was just awesome!  Satsuki and Ryuuko are great for this show but one character pretty much stole it even though she wasn’t the main focus.  Also, the way they used clothing in this show was pretty cool.  You have your villain, whom I wanted to rip to pieces.  Good villain actually, one of the better ones out there if I do say so myself.  Sick and perverted but good.  The side characters in this show deserve a round of applause.  While you may not think they add much they really do.  While Ryuuko is quite attractive and a badass heroine it’s the side characters that flesh this show out.  A refreshing anime if I do say so myself with its artstyle.


Meet Mako.




Ryuuko’s best friend and sidekick.  She’s the most awesome one EVER in my opinion.  She looks great in her regalia and can take a beating while still chatting away normally.  You can meet the other characters when you watch the show.  WATCH IT!  24 episodes of awesome!




Also, Mako x Ryuuko all the way!  They’re a perfect pairing.  Sorry for the Gamogoori x Mako fans.  While that pairing is good, Ryuuko wins.

My Spring 2014 potential watch list

Most of the titles listed here will be watched all the way through.  There are a select few that I may drop or put on the backlog until I finish others.  There are a few that have caught my attention but I’ll wait to watch those when I’m out of others to view, so they’re not important to me.

First things first

Akuma No Riddle, no questions on if this one will be watched.  It’s towards the top of my list.



Atelier Escha & Logy.  I have the game, it’s wonderful, and having an anime so close after the Western release is icing on the cake!


eschalogy group


Love Live Season 2, do i really have to say why?



No game, No Life.  This one piqued my interest. The art seems pretty colorful.  Seems like it reminds me

of the Problem Children anime a bit with the basic summary.




Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?  So cute looking, it’s a must see.




Seikoku No Dragonar.  A dragon riding school, the MC boys dragon turns out to be a female who gives him major attitude and calls him her servant.  Ha!  Looking forward to this as dragon based anime since they are few and far between.



Mekaku City Actors.  Seems interesting. This one’s a 50/50 to keep or drop.  After the 3rd episode I’ll m

ake my choice,


An afterschool girls club anime based in a tea club.  Seems interesting.  May or may not keep watching after a few episodes.


Selector Wixoss, thanks to the preview I saw on the OGmans page I am definitely watching this one.


My take on Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky



Haven’t posted anything in a long time and had some time today while taking a break from Escha & Logy.

I’ve not yet finished my first playthrough but this game is wonderful!  The story for the sequel is quite good, I will try to refrain from posting many spoilers.  I did preorder my game from gamestop for the free DLC costumes Apple Pirate for Escha and Tails Butler for Logy.  Both costumes look great on them.  I do believe Rorona’s VA is the same for Escha.

I’m in the last leg of my first playthrough right now and I’ve got to say the monsters look great, especially the dragons, not the fairy dragon type ones, but actual HUGE dragons.  Yea, they reused the models for them with recoloring but did great with it.  The party system allows you to have 6 party members active with the rest travelling with you but on “reserve.”  You can swap them out at anytime when not in combat.  I’ll be downloading Wilbell soon so I can have her in the party.

There are a good amount of returning characters, though voices have changed.  I can’t say I really liked Linca’s voice from Ayesha but in Escha I don’t particularly care for it either.  I’d rather her have the same voice actress as in Ayesha since half her scenes just don’t sound right to me with a higher pitched voice.  Nio sounds the same.   Linca’s combat moves are still pretty cool though.

The synthesis system in the game took a little getting used to but I love it now after I figured it out!  Also making money in the game is pretty simple and easy.  I’ve yet to have been strapped for cash after purchasing the alchemy books I need and the other books from Marion.  They brought in the report system that’s in Totori, I don’t know if it’s in Rorona because I haven’t played that one.  They also brought in the requests system as well.  It’s not just random people requesting items like in Ayesha.  There are those but they’re also included in your report system as goals to complete.

One of my only complaints is that they didn’t QC the text boxes well enough.  There are some major spelling errors or wording issues I’ve spotted.  It’s not frequent but it’s popped up enough to be slightly annoying. It tends to appear more in the actual voice acting scenes rather then the reading scenes.  This is not a make or break for me, just a minor annoyance.


Now this character, Lucille, when she kills a monster with her special attack she’s so damn adorable!



eschapirate logytail