Haven’t posted anything in a long time and had some time today while taking a break from Escha & Logy.

I’ve not yet finished my first playthrough but this game is wonderful!  The story for the sequel is quite good, I will try to refrain from posting many spoilers.  I did preorder my game from gamestop for the free DLC costumes Apple Pirate for Escha and Tails Butler for Logy.  Both costumes look great on them.  I do believe Rorona’s VA is the same for Escha.

I’m in the last leg of my first playthrough right now and I’ve got to say the monsters look great, especially the dragons, not the fairy dragon type ones, but actual HUGE dragons.  Yea, they reused the models for them with recoloring but did great with it.  The party system allows you to have 6 party members active with the rest travelling with you but on “reserve.”  You can swap them out at anytime when not in combat.  I’ll be downloading Wilbell soon so I can have her in the party.

There are a good amount of returning characters, though voices have changed.  I can’t say I really liked Linca’s voice from Ayesha but in Escha I don’t particularly care for it either.  I’d rather her have the same voice actress as in Ayesha since half her scenes just don’t sound right to me with a higher pitched voice.  Nio sounds the same.   Linca’s combat moves are still pretty cool though.

The synthesis system in the game took a little getting used to but I love it now after I figured it out!  Also making money in the game is pretty simple and easy.  I’ve yet to have been strapped for cash after purchasing the alchemy books I need and the other books from Marion.  They brought in the report system that’s in Totori, I don’t know if it’s in Rorona because I haven’t played that one.  They also brought in the requests system as well.  It’s not just random people requesting items like in Ayesha.  There are those but they’re also included in your report system as goals to complete.

One of my only complaints is that they didn’t QC the text boxes well enough.  There are some major spelling errors or wording issues I’ve spotted.  It’s not frequent but it’s popped up enough to be slightly annoying. It tends to appear more in the actual voice acting scenes rather then the reading scenes.  This is not a make or break for me, just a minor annoyance.


Now this character, Lucille, when she kills a monster with her special attack she’s so damn adorable!



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