Most of the titles listed here will be watched all the way through.  There are a select few that I may drop or put on the backlog until I finish others.  There are a few that have caught my attention but I’ll wait to watch those when I’m out of others to view, so they’re not important to me.

First things first

Akuma No Riddle, no questions on if this one will be watched.  It’s towards the top of my list.



Atelier Escha & Logy.  I have the game, it’s wonderful, and having an anime so close after the Western release is icing on the cake!


eschalogy group


Love Live Season 2, do i really have to say why?



No game, No Life.  This one piqued my interest. The art seems pretty colorful.  Seems like it reminds me

of the Problem Children anime a bit with the basic summary.




Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?  So cute looking, it’s a must see.




Seikoku No Dragonar.  A dragon riding school, the MC boys dragon turns out to be a female who gives him major attitude and calls him her servant.  Ha!  Looking forward to this as dragon based anime since they are few and far between.



Mekaku City Actors.  Seems interesting. This one’s a 50/50 to keep or drop.  After the 3rd episode I’ll m

ake my choice,


An afterschool girls club anime based in a tea club.  Seems interesting.  May or may not keep watching after a few episodes.


Selector Wixoss, thanks to the preview I saw on the OGmans page I am definitely watching this one.