KLK    I’m going to keep it short and sweet so I don’t expose any major spoilers.  This anime was just awesome!  Satsuki and Ryuuko are great for this show but one character pretty much stole it even though she wasn’t the main focus.  Also, the way they used clothing in this show was pretty cool.  You have your villain, whom I wanted to rip to pieces.  Good villain actually, one of the better ones out there if I do say so myself.  Sick and perverted but good.  The side characters in this show deserve a round of applause.  While you may not think they add much they really do.  While Ryuuko is quite attractive and a badass heroine it’s the side characters that flesh this show out.  A refreshing anime if I do say so myself with its artstyle.


Meet Mako.




Ryuuko’s best friend and sidekick.  She’s the most awesome one EVER in my opinion.  She looks great in her regalia and can take a beating while still chatting away normally.  You can meet the other characters when you watch the show.  WATCH IT!  24 episodes of awesome!




Also, Mako x Ryuuko all the way!  They’re a perfect pairing.  Sorry for the Gamogoori x Mako fans.  While that pairing is good, Ryuuko wins.