Slight spoiler on one of the characters for the first episode only, need to bring her up.wix


Selector Infected Wixoss

I figured I was going to be watching this one through before seeing the first episode.  It appears light and fluffy, if you don’t pay attention to the OP.  Seriously, if you think it’s light and fluffy after watching the OP you need your head checked.  Now Ruko is pretty much a normal girl but she has no friends.  Her brother tries to be helpful and gives her a deck of Wixoss cards to help her “get in” with the other girls in her school.  When she opens the deck she discovers she can hear her main card talking and see her moving.  She names the girl Tama, who is absolutely cute!



Now Tama is the “incredibly powerful for a newbie” twist.  While Ruko doesn’t realize this her first opponent does but chooses not to tell her about Tama’s mysterious strength.  This is going to be one of those “good intentions gone bad” anime.  I know there will be a scene or three where I may shed a tear for a character because I can’t help but really like certain ones.

This will be one big anime this season and if you think this may be for anyone under 10 years of age, you may be wrong.  I wouldn’t recommend watching this with any young ones as it may provoke nightmares.

The second anime of my Spring season is Blade & Soul.  I got bored yesterday and wanted to watch something before bed so I looked to see if another spring anime had aired.  This one did.  I did no prior research to it so I had no idea it was made by NCSoft.  This company makes some beautiful video games that lack large appreciation in the Western areas.  When this one hits our shores here I’ll be purchasing it for sure.



The main protagonist is female, a plus for me.  The main focus is female characters.  Seems like males take a sidestep in favor of this, another plus.  I think the art is great but the quality from the uploaders doesn’t allow you to view it at its best.  No romance can be sensed as of the first episode but the combat is awesome.  The bad guys have flashy outfits that look hot.  There’s fanservice but I don’t feel as if it’s totally shoved down anyones throat.  People are complaining about it and I’d like to point you to go look up images from the games characters.  They’re just as scantily clad as the girls in the anime.  I’m looking forward to more of this anime as well.