Black Bullet is an interesting anime. It’s a few years in the future and these creatures called Gastrea are attacking Earth, or Tokyo, I can’t tell which at this time but i’m assuming it’s the world. These creatures can infect people and turn them into a similar Gastrea as to what they are. Now, somehow pregnant women can get infected by some ash or virus that is in the air and this virus turns their unborn child into a girl with special abilities. These girls are known as Cursed Children and are kept separate from the general population. The key way to discriminate them is their eyes which turn red when their emotions run high.


These Cursed Children are the only means for mankind to fight Gastrea. From what I’ve gathered from the two episodes that are out most of the girls are referred to as tools. Rentaro, our male lead, takes offense to this when his Initiator, Enju, is referred to in such a manner. He thinks of her as a little girl, not a thing.



Here’s our hero, Rentaro.  He and Enju live together since she’s his Initiator and he’s a Civil Officer.  Cursed Children can only live with the “regular” humans if they are contracted with a Civil Officer.



Here’s Enju.  The cute and superpowered Loli.  She’s 12 I believe since she’s in middleschool.  Her main power is in her legs.  You’ll find out more about this in the 2nd episode.  I’m just trying to give basic info and not many spoilers.

Next we have Kisara Tendo. She runs the agency Rentaro and Enju work for.  It’s small and they’re pretty much broke, but they’re working on it.



Here we have a lovely doctor who prefers dead bodies to real people.  She’s an odd one.  Only see her a small bit in the first episode so far but I like her, and she’s sexy.



Lastly we have Psycho Loli, Kohina is her name but I’ll refer to her as Psycho Loli for the duration. and her Papa. She’s crazy yet cute and has a thirst for death and blood.  Her father is the main villain it seems.



And to end it, Power to the Lolis!  This season of anime is chock full of them and they’re great!  I’m not a die hard loli fan but when they can be all combinations of cute and crazy, I can’t help it.