kotone kiss

Ok, so I didn’t plan on going to the Yuri panels at ACen this year due to having my daughter with me, stuffs not quite appropriate for a 4 year old. Had I found someone to watch her Saturday night I would have waited patiently for the panel time to come up and attended. I follow the Lily Girls facebook page and found out that ACen cancelled their panel last night without any proper reason whatsoever! This is uncalled for! They let the BL and Yaoi panels run just fine and everything. But Yuri, nope, they can get rid of that without a second glance.



Yuri deserves as much attention as Yaoi.  Why the hell is Yaoi so much more accepted than Yuri anyways? Is it because of the amount of Hentai out there?  If people opened their damn eyes there is a lot of cute and fluffy Yuri anime out there.  There’s so much that people don’t realize there is especially when all they think of when it comes to Yuri is Hentai. *Grabs a stick and hits anyone who thinks that way with it*  I’ve now been left with a bitter taste for the Yaoi community because of this.

Go look up Yuri manga and anime titles that aren’t hentai and watch them.  There’s a lot out there.  I haven’t seen it all but I’ve made it my goal to do so.  If you have a comment, post it or find my facebook link in the about me section and message me.


I LOVE YURI! And there is no one who will make me change my stance on this!