New addition to Ms. Silver Fox’s family! (No it’s not human)



This is Batou.  I got him from a coworker because they were moving.  He’s 4 months old right now and just adorable.  Don’t mind the scattered debris…haven’t done my cleaning yet lol.  If you can guess what his name’s from major points but it really should be easy for most anime viewers to figure out.

My friend has his brother at her place and he’s a fluffier version with more white on his belly and feet.  My 17 year old cat isn’t pleased right now but he’ll deal.


Oh, and yay summer anime!  I’ll probably post my reviews/opinions next Monday or maybe Saturday time permitting.


Here’s what I get to do at work!

It’s only for a couple days, which is how long it’ll take me to complete it.  But I’m doing a Monster’s University promo and also incorporating promotions for my work for back to school supplies and receiving immunizations.  This is all done with chalk. I’ll keep my phone on me today to take progression photos.  Adding Mike and possibly Randall today if time permits and some verbiage for the store.Sullysully 2sully 3


Here’s Mike.  This one got washed away not 10 minutes after i completed it but I still did it!

mike start


mike 50%



Acen loot and pictures. Photo spam ahead


ACen (Anime Central) was a blast!  Programming for panels could have been done slightly better but it was still amazing.  There were some great cosplays that I missed taking photos of because I was either caught in a mass walking to an event or walking around the crowded Exhibit Hall/Artist Alley.

Below are pictures of my ACen finds and a couple of the cosplays I got shots of.  This is a heavy picture post, the warning is in the title.

ACEN 2013 035

Me with Hangry from Hangry and Angry

ACEN 2013 109

Yukino, up and coming artist. She’s amazing! Does the new theme for Lupin the 3rd.

ACEN 2013 123

Railgun in a swimsuit. Kawaii!!!

ACEN 2013 126

Again, Kawaii!!

ACEN 2013 128

Would have gotten Nanoha too but a certain Fox Girl painting was calling my name.

ACEN 2013 130

A photo of this does not do it justice at all. It’s just gorgeous!

ACEN 2013 026

Yep, that’s a Madoka cosplayer standing up there but I took a shot of the stage set up since no pics or filming was allowed during the concert. I was almost deaf by the end, we were right by the speakers but 4 rows away from the stage. Kalafina is wonderful and the crowd got them a bit emotional with the cheering and everything. Give them a listen if ya haven’t. We even found out their fave anime characters from Fate/Zero and Madoka. Saber, Rider, and Mami.

ACEN 2013 030 ACEN 2013 036 ACEN 2013 060 ACEN 2013 127 ACEN 2013 129 ACEN 2013 131 ACEN 2013 135

My Hime (Otome) Art Box with Vol 1, Kiddy Grade w/ Vol 1, ACen guide w/ Yukinos autograph.

My Hime (Otome) Art Box with Vol 1, Kiddy Grade w/ Vol 1, ACen guide w/ Yukinos autograph.

ACEN 2013 137

She was so cute and awesome. Give her a listen, she’s just amazing. Heard and saw her perform live with regular music Saturday night and then on Sunday May 19th at an acoustic concert. So cool!


I’ll be uploading a few pics of my friends and I in our cosplays.  They’re dressed as Skyward Sword Zelda and Twilight Princess Link and I’m Hayate from the Nanoha series.  Not wearing the hat because it was made too small for my head.

cosplay 1


I’m trying not to laugh at something, probably my cat attacking/loving Link.

cosplay 2


My lovely living room…i really need to hang my sconces up on the sides of that painting.  I’ll be getting my yellow hairpins for my cosplay tomorrow.  But again, hat will not be worn until I can get the time to fix it.

AKB0048 Season 2-My thoughts


The second season ended a few weeks ago and in my opinion was quite good.  It was fun but also a bit darker and the plot was also a little heavier this time around.  There were a couple of unexpected, at least to me, things that happened but you’ll have to watch to find them.

Mikoto was a surprise when she lost her ponytail  in an undercover episode.  She looks really pretty with her hair down and gained a fan.



Have to say this season made me cheer more for Chieri and Nagisa than the first but then again they had a bit more time with each other towards the end of this.  The performances were good, the drama was also not overdone, the slightly unexpected turns were well received by me, and now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for a season 3 to come out.

Not much else to say, don’t want to put any spoilers in here, except if you’ve seen the first season you should really watch the 2nd one when you have the time.  The last episode is very worthwhile.


AKB0048 Next Stage - 04 - Large 01

Spring Anime I’ll be watching

Well, haven’t been too active here.  Real life being what it is and actually keeping me quite busy now kinda bites.  I’ve also been showing my brother some anime that have had him rolling almost to the floor in laughter, one of which is Ben-to.

So far the new spring anime I’ll be watching are


Yuyushiki, it’s just funny and cute.  Had me laughing hard the first episode.


Dansai bunri no Crime Edge-seems interesting enough and the main female lead is cute.

LeviathanZettai Bouie Leviathan- Dragons, that’s all I have to say.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. - OP - Large 01

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko-This had me on the floor holding my sides from laughing the first episode.


Shingeki no Kyojin- I was skeptical, I don’t typically watch anime with tons of blood and gore in them but this one didnt have an excessive amount (so far) and I was sold at the end of episode 1.


Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow-first time watching a Pretty Rhythm anime and it’s adorable!  The penguin creatures are so cute I’m tempted to learn how to sew to make one for my daughter.


Red Data Girl- It’s interesting how things are going in this one.



Photokano-First 2 eps are pretty decent but i’ll let the next 2 make my decision as to whether or not to keep watching it.



Date A Live-really not sure on this one.  the first ep had me iffy on if i wanted to continue and i’m not dying to watch the second episode.


Karneval-havent seen this yet but i’m going to give it a go.



Been a while and Ms. Silver Fox shows her real face.

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done any big posting.  I’ve been quite busy since my piercing post.  A few days after that I got informed that I got my own place. Yay me!  Been moved in for about 2 weeks now and loving it.  I got my apartment pretty much how I want it.

I’ve also purchased a Wii and a PS3.  Had to have a PS3 for JRPG games along with a few others.  I purchased Atelier Ayesha, i could play it all day, and will be getting Hyperdimension Neptunia V when it comes out next week.  Got a weird look from the guy at Gamestop when I asked him about it.

Also, I got a new hair cut.  The one on top is a before and the one at the bottom is my newest.  I’m just waiting for my friend to color it to finish the whole thing.  I love my new cut.  Looks adorable with the fox ears I have.  Haven’t gotten a pic with my ears yet though.

Before After